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With more than 25 departments and 13 institutes (1,150 beds), the University Medical Center Ulm is a leading health care provider in southwest germany. We provide inpatient treatment to about 44,000 patients each year. Our outpatient cases amount to approximately 60,000. We attach great importance to qualified employees who ensure extremely high quality in the treatment of our patients by the use of the latest scientific knowledge and who enjoy their work.
Our research mainly focuses on the role of p53 at the replication fork. Besides p53`s classical tumor suppressor activities via the transcriptional transactivation of downstream targets to induce cell cycle arrest or apoptosis, it also shows regulatory roles at the replication fork. Recently, we discovered that p53 together with the specialized polymerase POLι regulates the replication dynamics to allow a novel DNA damage tolerance pathway and thereby might have protective roles during replication (1, 2) Now, we want to further elucidate the molecular details how p53 together with other factors modulates replication.
  • Cell culture
  • Molecular biological methods (PCRs, shRNA/siRNA mediated knockdown via variant transfection methods as electroporation or nucleofection)
  • Protein biochemistry (Western Blot, Co-immunoprecipitations, (Co-)localisation by multiparametric microscopy)
  • Replication assays (DNA-Fiber Spreading Assay, iPOND)
  • Flow Cytometry (Cell Cycle analysis via PI-Stain, Detection of bypass events via EGFP-based substrates)
1.) Proc natl Acad Sci U S A.2016. 113:E4311; 2.) Carcinogenesis. 2014. 35:2273)

We offer:
  • A stimulating, diverse and international research environment
  • TV-L E13 65%
  • Candidates will be given access to the International PhD Programme in Molecular Medicine at Ulm University, Germany (

Your profile:
  • Candidates should hold a M.Sc. degree in biochemistry, molecular biology or in any related research field with a strong background in molecular biology or biochemistry
  • Moreover,applicants should be highly motivated and able to work independently

Contract: Befristet
Level of employment: Teilzeit
Bewerbung bis: 15.05.2019

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Candidates should send their application with CV as a single PDF file at the latest by April 30, 2019 via email to

Stephanie Hampp or Lisa Wiesmüller
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Ulm University
Prittwitzstrasse 43, 89075 Ulm, Germany
Tel.: +49-731-500-58809
E-Mail: or

Employment takes place through the administration department of the University Medical Center Ulm, which acts in the name and on behalf of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. Handicapped people with equal qualifications will be employed preferentially. In general, full-time positions are divisible. A subsequent employment is possible.